Various Types Of Codeine Uses

While there are a number of pain medications available these days but no other medication can match the effectiveness of Codeine. It is widely regarded as one of the most effective medicines available today for dealing with serious pain issues. Many people all over the world suffer from chronic pain problems such as migraine and this drug has been able to help them get immediate relief from pain.

It is classified as an opioid painkiller. It is important to mention here that the drug itself does not act on the root cause of the pain but it works by binding to the pain receptors in the brain and disrupts the communication between the brain and central nervous system. In other words, the nerves that are responsible for communicating the sensation of pain to the brain are unable to do that due to this drug.

Codeine Uses

There are a number of codeine uses. In addition to being used as a painkiller, it has also been found to be effective for treatment of dry cough and for managing short episodes of diarrhea.

As far as using this medication is concerned, it should be taken only as specified by the doctor. Most of the time, doctors prescribe the medication to be taken after 4 to 6 hours with maximum dosage in a day limited to a particular number. It is important that you do not go over the maximum recommended dose as it may result in severe health complications.

This medication is prescribed only for adults and children under 12 years of age should not be given this drug.

If you are pregnant, breast feeding, have respiratory problems, have allergy, prostate problems, epilepsy, low blood pressure, adrenal gland tissues, addiction to drugs, addiction to alcohol or if you have suffered a recent injury, you should not use this drug. It is also important that you tell your doctor about all the other medications you are taking to make sure that codeine does not interfere with the other medications you are already taking.


Like all the other medications, codeine also has some side effects but the side effects persist only for the first few days and go away with time. Some of the commons side-effects include constipation, headaches, confusion, mood changes, vomiting, feeling dizzy, disturbed sleep and difficulty in passing urine among others. It is also important that you do not mix alcohol and codeine as it may exacerbate the side-effects such as dizziness and sleeplessness.

It is also important that you do not do any activates that requires your complete attention such as driving or operating heavy machinery after taking codeine as it may slow down your response time. It is also important that you use this medication only for a short period of time as prescribed by your doctor. Since it is from the opioid family, it may lead to dependency issues such as withdrawal symptoms when you suddenly stop taking it.

Overall, this is a very highly effective medication for getting relief from pain but it should be taken only as prescribed. You can easily buy it online but it is important that you buy it from a reputable vendor.

Codeine Dosages: Deciding How Much To Take

When you’re feeling ill, you may want nothing more than to load up on medicine and curl up in bed. However, it’s easy to forget that over the counter medication is still a kind of drug. If you take too much of it, you can cause yourself some serious problems.

Many people run into this issue with codeine. Codeine is used to treat a number of issues, but it most commonly used to treat coughs. If someone has a bad cough, they may be tempted to take more codeine than the bottle recommends.

How can you determine the correct codeine dosages? Read on to find out.

A lot of people assume that if you take more medicine, you’ll get more potent results. However, that isn’t usually the case. A higher dosage of a medicine can be more powerful, but there’s usually a point where it won’t make much of a difference. This is true of codeine. Once you get past the 60 mg point, you’re only putting yourself at risk for more side effects.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can just take 60 mg of codeine every time your dose wears off. You should always follow the recommended dosage on the bottle. If you don’t stick to it, you may wind up feeling even more sick down the line.

While a cough doesn’t usually require you to visit your doctor, you may want to try making a phone call to them. Explain your situation, and tell them what kind of medicine you’ve been taking. They may be able to come up with some kind of alternative dosage plan that makes sense for you.

In some cases, your doctor may actually suggest taking less codeine than the bottle recommends. While taking less medicine when you’re sick may sound like a terrible idea, your doctor knows what they’re talking about. Sometimes, spacing out doses can help to ensure that a medication is more effective when you do take it.

Another problem that people encounter is taking too many doses. People forget when their last dose was, and assume that it’s time for another dose when they start to feel worse.

Even though it can be hard to keep track of time when you’re sick in bed, it’s a smart idea to make a note of when your last dosage was. Try to keep a notepad near your bed so that you can quickly jot down the time. That way, if you’re unsure about whether you should take another dose, you can just check what you’ve written.

It’s easy to forget how powerful the medication we buy at the drug store can be. We need to take care to make sure that we don’t over-do it. People can make themselves seriously ill if they take too much medication.

Codeine dosages may seem like they’re small, but the recommended dosages are what they are for a reason. If you follow the instructions, you should be able to make a full recovery.

Buy Codeine Online Without Getting Scammed

Before you buy codeine online you’re going to need some advice. That way you’re not stuck with fake pills or with a scammer trying to take your payment information. Buying medications like this has to be done in a legal way, so read on to learn how you can make it that way.

One thing you have to do is find out whether or not it’s legal to order this kind of chemical where you live. Some places won’t let you buy codeine, even over the counter, so you need to know if it’s legal where you are so you don’t get into any trouble when you order it. A lot of places will still mail it to you if it’s not legal where you are, but that can lead to problems for you and you need to be careful about it just to be safe because legal issues are not worth it for this kind of medication.

Next, you’re going to want to figure out who will ship to you and where they are located. A lot of the time you can save a lot if you get someone from where you live to mail medications to you. The problem with getting them from afar is that you have to wait for your medications to go through customs and that takes a while. Sometimes if you’re not legally allowed to have this where your live, it will end up with them seizing your package in customs which can lead to legal problems for you.

Another great idea is to look for reviews on a site where there is no marketing for the company. If there are ads for them on the review you’re looking at, then, of course, they are going to give them positive press. You’re much better off trying to only work with those reviews that are on third party sites that have nothing at all to do with the company. That way, you’re going to know that the truth is being told and that you’re not going to get stuck with a bad product because someone lied about it.

Check anything that you get and don’t just take random pills that come in the mail. Even if they are not tampered with in foil sleeves or in an unopened bottle, you need to make sure they are actually codeine. One way to do this is to take whatever the imprint on the pills says and look that up to see what it says online about what it is supposed to be. Keep in mind that people can tamper with pills and make fake ones, though it’s rare for them to do so with codeine because of how cheap it is anyways.

Once you are able to buy codeine online, you will be pleased with how it turns out for you. There are many options to choose from. It’s really just about doing a little bit of research and making sure you’re getting the most for your money.